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Lucian Web Service

We are glad to help you with your Internet services. Here is what we offer:

Web hosting – starting from $10 USD/ month; For our hosting rates click here .

WordPress Content Management System

WordPress is a cutting edge popular open source content management systems. There are plenty of free plugins/modules available for WordPress. You can order a Blog Hosting Package that includes web hosting + wordpress installation blog installation for $20/month paid yearly. ($240/year) Click here to order.

If you already have webhosting, we can install a WordPress blog for you. Click here to order.

Additional customization for your blog can be ordered through our support time page. WordPress software can be used for both blogs or regular websites.

Support time – While any CMS plans include 1 hour of free support, here you can order extra support time to enable us to help with your website personalized work. One hour of support time is just $55 USD. Click on the “Add to cart” button to order now. On the next screen you’ll be able to specify how many hours you want.

Buy Website Advertising – we sell advertising spots on our website and other websites in our network. We accept banner and text ads.

Twitter/Facebook Advertising – we can advertise your website or service using our Twitter and Facebook accounts. You message is instantly delivered to 4000+ persons.

Social Networking tools / Per Pay Use – we can help you to have your own social network website, embedded with youtube stylish videos, audios, member profiles etc. You can have your own blog or forum in minutes. Easy to manage softwares, choose between WordPress, Simple Machine, Social Media, UBB, vBulletin, myBB and many others.

Media streaming & live broadcast using Windows Media 9 Series, Flash (coming soon) – we can help you to build your own radio or tv station on the internet or to make a podcast. TV and Document organizer modules.

Domain names – we can order .com, .net, .org domain names for you for a low price of $15 USD / year – this cost includes the domain cost, plus our domain management for your domain and hosting your domain DNS settings. We can order any other domain name types including .ca, .ro, .tv, .info, .us,, .eu,, .fr, .es, .me, .pro, .travel etc. If you need a free domain for a christian, social, humanitarian or educational project visit ChristianDomains.CA .

Custom Web design & web development – we can do the web design and web programming for you. Our current rate is $55 USD/hour. Discounts available for Seniors. Click here to buy support time for your custom needs.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – we can take care of the search engine optimization for your website for a fee. (depending on the time used)

E-commerce – we can build your own virtual store using different WordPress shopping carts
Classifieds and Link directories – we can install and customize these for you using some special WordPress plugins/themes

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Lucian Web Service

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