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Symposia Community Bookstore INC.

Symposia Community Bookstore, Inc. is a PUBLIC BENEFIT nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes. Specifically, we operate a thrift shop consisting of books and offer our shop location to be used as a community center.
Specific Objectives and Purposes:
The specific objectives and purposes of this organization are:

(a). to help make books and reading as inviting and accessible to as broad an audience as possible;
(b). to offer a venue to serve as a community center and a place for educational and community activities;

(c). to support other charities through the use of the thrift store’ space to raise funds and run programs;
(d). to offer support for emerging local artists through exhibitions and other projects;

(e). to develop new community projects;

(f). to engage in other activities related to the development of the social capital of our community.
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Symposia Community Bookstore INC.
Postat marți, ianuarie 25th, 2011

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